Friday Funny Site #2

Ok, so it’s a day late as I forgot about it last night and WordPress seemed to have been down for most of the morning, so while I’m taking a break from GTA: Vice City Stories due to a glitch where I’m trapped in a wall and am going to get the suicide code from gamefaqs, here is what was supposed to have been Friday Funny Site #2.

It seems this guy decided to live the bachelor life and live it on a boat on the Great Lakes too. He also has a ‘boob page’ which is great as he’s managed to get his photo took with some women that have written his name on their boob, other pics are just of his name on a boob, but still pretty awesome to even have had that privilege (*thinks about starting a ‘send pic of ‘aceman’ on boob’ page*†).

All aboard for …

†In fact, if any females (of at least 18+) with breasts ample enough want to send me pics like this, I’d be more than happy to accept them. (E-mail address is over there at the top –>)

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