NNScript 4.1 released

For all you people that use IRC, the most popular script (at least on QuakeNet) has been updated to 4.1.

It was designed to work with mIRC 6.21, but 6.3 was released just yesterday, so the NNS team are working on testing 4.1 with 6.3. If you want to download NNScript 4.1, you can get it from here and it’s only a 966 KB download.

17/08/2007: Version 4.1
01. ! Lots of big and small bugfixes. Too many to list here, sorry.
02. * Compatibility with mIRC 6.21.
03. + Many compatibility fixes for Windows Vista (both 32- and 64-bit).
04. + Recoded toolbar completely to make use of the new mIRC built-in commands.
You can now also drag it around etc..
05. ? Removed custom switchbar in favor of mIRC’s own switchbar.
06. + Recoded many aspects of the theme engine.
07. + Many improvements to memory/CPU usage. The script should now be much
lighter on your resources.
08. * Added support for shroudBNC.
09. ! The games popup should now properly set you away.
10. + Added some commands to /cmdlist.
11. + Re-added the possibility to search the channel log directly via popup.
12. + Updated the RSS feed list.
13. + RSS feed news now appear in the correct order.
14. + Q/L welcome messages on QuakeNet are now shown in the corresponsive
15. + Added some features to MinIRC.
16. ! CTCP PING now sends the correct reply.
17. ! Auto-away on idle should now correctly work when you are connected to
multiple networks.
18. ? Updated Installer to NSIS 2.29.
19. ! Fixed some bugs related to non-executables in the custom programs tool
and renamed it to “application quicklaunch”
20. ! Fixed the read error when you click the disconnect button in the toolbar.
21. + You can now specify parameters in the application quicklaunch tool.
22. + Auto-ghosting should now be more reliable.
23. * Added “show input” option to password pop-up dialogs.
24. + Added a workaround to prevent mIRC from showing wrong log colors when
“Reload logs” is enabled.
25. ! Fixed a memory leak in nnscript.dll.
26. ! Fixed a few issues with joining passworded channels.
27. * You can now enter commands in the wallops window.
28. * Added a different search method for log files, which allows to show the text around search hits.
29. * Added a feature for BNC private logs to be displayed in queries.
30. + Reconnecting to BNCs should now work better (authing etc.).
31. + Theme Version is now 1.03 and includes colors for the Treeview Switchbar
32. ! Fixed psybnc name bug
33. + Topic history supports multiple networks now
34. ? Channel joining waits for mode +x to complete
35. ! Theme preview now shows correct colors for ChanTextOwn
36. ! Fixed channel statistics bug
37. ! NNS window should no longer reactivate itsself
38. ! ip2nick now checks both domain and ip
39. ! Resetting your stats doesnt show the wrong window content anymore
40. ! Fixed a bug in the Q control, which disabled the dialog
41. * Added /urlfix for Windows Vista to set the default browser