More morons using my email address

Yet again, fucktards use my email address to sign up for shit, there were a couple of things not so long ago, but the latest 2 were one for some kind of Cricket torrent site thing called Cricketizer or something and the latest for some D&D type shit called DragonFable.

Dear Adventurer,

Welcome! This is a confirmation that your DragonFable account at has been successfully created. Your login information is below, please keep it somewhere safe.

Activate your account!
You must click on the link below to activate your account. This is how we confirm that you are indeed the person who created this account. By activating your account, you are also giving our game development team permission to send you our email newsletter to let you know what we are up to. You will also unlock two new character slots for your DragonFable game account! We will never sell or give your email address to anyone else. (We hate spam as much as you do!)

User Name: ‘legbiter’
Password: ‘acemad’
Date Created: 8/15/2007

Log into DragonFable to create powerful characters, go on quests, battle monsters, and become a Legend! This Web RPG features a plot crossover with the wildly popular game, AdventureQuest. If you have played it, expect to see many familiar faces and prepare yourself for epic events that will span both games. Log in to DragonFable to see what is happening now!

We hope you enjoy the game as much as we enjoy creating it for you.

Battle on!
Artix Krieger

Notice: and only sends emails to registered users of its games. If you have received this email in error you can disregard this message. Un-activated accounts will be automatically deleted.

Well guess what ‘legbiter’, the account will never be activated until you use your own email address since I have no interest in whatever crap you sign up for. Why the fuck do people keep using my address to sign up for stuff? They’re only wasting their time and especially if it’s an email like the one above where an activation link is waiting to be clicked on, I just can’t understand why they use the address, it seriously baffles me.