Oh no! Black guy in a videogame!

GTA Race City Stories

Oh no! Look! A black guy in a videogame is about to shoot some white guys, no wait, they’re hispanic .. ah who cares, at least they’re not black! Shoot them all, leave no prisoners … but wait, shooting them isn’t enough…

GTA Race City Stories

Check that powah! See how he grabs the white man, ready to pound his big fist deep into the bowels of his stomach so that he collapses on the floor, possibly dying from severe internal bleeding, yeah, that’ll serve him right. Now Vic (the main black characters name) has to go to that damn Martinez who is his superior officer to take more orders. WHY IS HE KEEPING DA MAN DOWN?! WHY ISN’T IT THE OTHER WAY ROUND MAN?! Yada yada bleh…

This is what I don’t understand, whenever a game is announced and/or released like the GTA series, nobody cares who or what the main character is because of the game. Who else makes a race issue of a game? Nobody except people that don’t see what the game is about and have no understanding of why the characters are of the race they are. I personally don’t give a fuck who or what the characters are, I’ve never made an issue out of anything because I’m not an ‘angry white man’ and there’s a question I wouldn’t mind having a proper and decent answer to, why are the majority of black female bloggers (from the blogs I’ve read) always angry and making a race issue out of everything?

I’ll just get my skinny white ass back to playing GTA: Vice City Stories with my black character shooting the shit out of everything and everybody and if the character has to shoot another black guy because it’s part of the game, don’t expect me to get all angry and blog about it.