Dicewars comes to DS

Someone known as melw has made a DS version of the Flash based game, Dicewars.

Dicewars DS is a multiplayer version of a popular Flash based strategy game for Nintendo DS. Your task is to conquer the whole game field by rolling dice. Each turn you may attack any opponent’s territory from one of your adjacent territories as long as your territory has more than one die on it. When attacking, If you roll more than the defender, you win.

Latest release: 0.2.0 (network game disabled in this version)

I’ve tested it out and it works great, if you would like to try it, I’ve uploaded the zip here. Just remember to use the latest firmware for your R4 or M3 carts as they have DLDI auto-patching!

I’ll be keeping any eye out for any updates, so there’s a chance that the link to the download will be removed and replaced with any new versions in the future (for people reading this post in the future *waves hands, wiggles fingers and makes wooing noises*).

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