General blog #8237

That’s the brain training out of the way for today, I do like the masterpiece revival part of More Brain Training, tis quite fun.

I’m not a fan of the Head Count bit of the first Brain Training though, even if I did get 5/5 today, it’s still not a favourite.

Big Brain Academy isn’t quite on the same level, but is pretty good with the exercises it gives you, just one problem with it, a certain section of the game requires you to click on things to add up totals, but it gets to a stage where the problem cannot be answered due to the solution not being there.

Mind Quiz is the infamous game that will call you a ‘Super Spastic’ apparently if you don’t meet a certain criteria, I’ve tried getting that ‘Super Spastic’ status, but failed. Am I stupid in not being able to do that? Seems quite ironic doesn’t it?! 😛

It has now been recalled because of it using the word ‘spastic’ in what is deemed as an offensive manner, but considering it’s crap anyway, it’s not worth putting back on sale.

Seriously, it’s so crap, it’s funny. It has no activities that would enhance brain training, don’t waste your money and just go for Dr Kawashima’s instead.

Once again, I cancel an order from ChoicesUK. I ordered Lumines from there for reasons mentioned in a previous post and when I go to check on the order, I find that it’s been ‘withdrawn by distributer’, so it’s not worth holding out for that.

Then I discover that the platinum version is now available on for only £8.99, so I’ve just placed the order.

I’ve also deleted andrewpf1987’s Photobucket account to see if it will get his attention since my blog post last Monday didn’t seem to do anything.

I really do wonder why people use email accounts that they know they don’t have access to, it seems really stupid to me that someone would use an email address that they can’t get mail from, what’s the point of that?

Amazingly enough, I’ve just checked said email account and it appears some idiot has used the address to register on the official Leighton Orient FC site and because they didn’t get the welcome email the first time, they used it again to re-register.

If it didn’t work the first time, why did they think it would a second time with the same email address? Complete morons is the only way to describe such people…

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