Father's Day

World's Best Dad CoasterIt’s here again, the day of fathers and the usual giving of gifts and cards. If my dad could have been arsed to stay in touch when I sent him my address, then maybe I could have been sending something to him, but since he can’t even let me know when my own grandmother died last year, I’ve completely given up bothering.

I didn’t seem to get too much sleep last night, so I was up pretty early, next thing I know it’s around 8:30 and the kids are bringing in big cardboard envelopes and a present each. My eldest daughter came with her nan yesterday and moaned in a typically teenage manner that she’d carried the bag all the way (even though most of the way was a bus ride) here.

I looked in the bag earlier and thought I’d open the present in it first, I could tell it was clothes of some sort, but was pleasantly surprised to find a rather nice Reebok hoodie. I’m not particularly into hoodies and especially since they become part of the ‘chav culture’, but as I don’t care what people think anyway, I’ll be wearing it this summer.Pint Mug

If you’re wondering what that is in the picture, it’s a coaster which is fairly big and could easily hold a pint mug, in fact, the little pic on the right there is the coaster in action as it holds a pint mug of coffee. With the usual boxer shorts to complete the trio of presents, I’m just waiting for one more present that wasn’t in stock at the time, Night at the Museum DVD.

To any other fathers out there, Happy Father’s Day and enjoy your day! 😀