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Hot babes alert!

Oh wow! As I was doing my usual web surfing yesterday, I came across the name Namitha and thought I’d do a little search…Namitha Kapoor

I am so glad I did! It’s been some time since I posted about babes and I just had to let anyone else that reads this know about Namitha Kapoor. She is so hot! The Bollywood and Indian communities around the world will no doubt have heard about her, but wow, if you thought Shilpa Shetty is hot, she’s madras compared to this tindaloo babe.

Riya SenAnother babe that I encountered while looking through images of Namitha is Riya Sen. I’d say she’s about the same league as Namitha as she’s just as hot and apparently from a brief bit of news I read on some site, Riya is a bit naughtier.

There is/was apparently an MMS (Mobile phone) video of Riya and a guy called Ashmit, it’s not certain that the ‘girl’ is Riya, but it caused a bit of a scandal anyway. All I know is that she’s a babe and certainly deserves a mention by anyone that likes beautiful women.

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