Bored City

While I’d normally still be adding stuff to the Mental Gamers site or playing something, since MG will be moved to new webspace soon (hopefully) and a TV that likes to switch into standby at the most inconvenient moment when watching or playing something, I find myself not having anything to do.

There isn’t anything going on either which is crap considering the kids are on the half term holiday from school, that’s what makes the UK pretty boring compared to the US where there’s something happening somewhere most of the time. Even fellow blogger, Skip Jenkins has been out and about to one of those Fanime conventions, something I’m not particularly interested in, yet would go to one for a laugh and something to do.

I’m only blogging for something to do, I don’t really have anything to say. I’ve even updated my ‘main’ site to look a bit like this blog, but then again, it did need a bit of tweaking due to not hosting files there any more. I’ve even started having a go at playing the guitar again and I suppose I’d better get some stuff around the house finished soon to get the missus off my back…

{edit} Just checked on Real Life Comics to see if there was an update and todays update just happens to tie in with the FanimeCon as mentioned above! 😀