Onblog reaches 200..

..hits the last 2 days. Due to information seekers wanting to find out more about the R4DS, I’m pleased to announce that aceman Onblog has had over 200 hits on Friday and Saturday. As far as I know, they are unique hits due to the way the stats work and if so, that makes it even better! When I hosted my blog on Mental Gamers web space, I probably managed 200 uniques a month, now as the blog stats say on the right there (at the time of posting), 2,389 hits have been made since I ‘joined’ WordPress.com on April 11/12th. That’s just over 6 weeks ago and works out at nearly 400 hits per week!

Ok, so the mass amount of those hits have come from people looking for info about the R4DS, but if I hadn’t moved to here and was still on my ‘own’ web space, I don’t think I would have had even half as many hits. I’d optimized the blog as much as I could to get search engines crawling all over the place, but still the hits were low, I like to think I’m providing decent info and opinions about stuff for people to come and have a read of and maybe even give their own opinion.

I’ve put my main site on my ISP space until I can be bothered to do something with it or even update it, it could do with an update though, things need adding and changing and whatever, so I’ll think about doing something soon. I’m usually around on IRC in some channels, mainly QuakeNet #acemanOnline and #MentalGamers, sometimes, but not very often I’ll go on GameSurge and when I want to piss someone off, I’ll go on Undernet. Piss who off you may ask?! The ‘aceman’ who goes on there. He has a problem understanding that he doesn’t own the nick and so keeps bugging me to change it… which I don’t since he doesn’t own the nick and it’s basically first come, first served.

Any IRC network that doesn’t have nick registration means that whoever is first to get the nickname gets to ‘keep’ that name as long as they’re connected to the network, Undernet aceman doesn’t like that fact and pretty much harasses me to change, when I say no, I get a sob story of how he’s used the nick for years blah blah yackety schmackety. I’ve also been using the name ‘aceman’ online for years, but I don’t throw up a stink when someone else uses the name (which is quite rare on QuakeNet and GameSurge).

Anyway, thanks for your visits and for reading my ramblings and I hope any future posts are as informative or entertaining for everyone! 😀