Most Haunted Live experience 2, Pt.2

Actually got the photo’s from the last Most Haunted Live event and stuck a few up as I planned to do with Pt.1, if my camera battery hadn’t decided to give up on me.

Paul RossI tried to recharge it the other day and it seems that it is the battery that’s had it, so it’s either get a new battery or new camera, the battery is obviously the cheaper option, but I’ve been thinking about getting a new camera with more megapixels for a while, so that’s added to the list of other stuff to get.

Anyway, as mentioned in Pt.1, it was better for actually meeting them and the missus had her pic taken with almost all of them.

They’re such a great bunch of people who will actually take a brief moment of their time (or more in some cases) to stop, have their pic taken, sign autographs and maybe even a little chat about the show or anything in particular.

Me, the missus & PaulI’m not sure why, but a while a go my blog had a hit from someone searching for ‘karl beattie hate’, now, they were either searching for people that hate Karl, ‘other’ people that hate him or some other inane reason.

You won’t find any ‘hate’ about Karl or any of the Most Haunted team here since they’re all so friendly and give no reason to dislike them.

Me and Karl BeattieWe found out why Richard Felix left the team, he was apparently giving out wrong information and despite what people think about Most Haunted, what they do provide on the show are proper historical facts, so even if you’re cynical and/or sceptical about what happens, you can’t deny that the facts are true.

It’s Summer Solstice on June 21st, so we were thinking that there could be another Live event around that time and if it’s not too far away, we might go to it…

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