Wow! Check out Lauryn Hill!

As usual when I come to check on my blog (whether I’m posting something or not),Lauryn Hill I look in the Tag Surfer which shows posts from people who have blogged about something with the same categories as me.

That was when I saw this post about Lauryn Hill and saw the picture of her… Wow! I used to think she was hot before in the Fugee’s days, but I haven’t really heard about her much until now, so I hadn’t seen how she looked and damn she looks good. I’m a fan of big hair, so when I saw the pic, I just had to find a bigger picture to see it better.

Check out the post I’ve linked to for a link to hear her new song, it’s a good tune!

I think I’ll have a listen to The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill while I do my next post…