Post 101

I’ve passed the 100 post milestone and this is post 101, quite an achievement considering I wasn’t originally a fan of this ‘blogging’ thing a couple of years ago. When I found out I had some ISP webspace, I used it as a ‘kind’ of blog as in, I would update it once or twice a week with info, downloads and other stuff, but it’s only been the last few years I’ve gradually become a ‘blogger’.
ToeJam & Earl on the DS
Anyhoo, while I’m here, I’d just like to mention that I’ve got ToeJam & Earl working on the DS, but unfortunately, no sound. I’ve probably got the folder structure wrong and that certain things need to go in certain places, but at least I have it working in some form or other.

I’ve also got a couple of SNES emulators to work, but they only seem to work with .smc files and not .srm, I don’t think you can just rename the files as .smc, so I’m not too sure how to get .srm files working. If anyone has a solution, please, let me (and others that read my R4DS posts) know if there is a way to get them working, searches around the net seem to draw a blank and lead you nowhere.


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