Who is this 'Jacob' then?

Ben is such a big baby and is really so full of himself, what I can’t understand is why is he the ‘leader’ when he was the one who joined the ‘others’? Was it because he killed his dad? Is that the initiation that puts you straight to the top and makes you boss? Is that why Ben got Locke’s gun and shot him with it, because he had ‘killed’ his dad and would (should) become the new leader?

Once again, so many questions, but I guess what is the BIG question now, who or what is Jacob? (Click the image to see a bigger version)

I really don’t get that involved with TV progs and I’m not too fussed about the whole mechanics of the thing, if people want to waste their lives analysing everything by making up stories and delving into every single possibility, making references to shit that hasn’t and probably never will happen, that’s up to them. I just watch these programs as entertainment and for brief discussion, I don’t think too deeply into them as it’s only a TV program, I enjoy watching them and that’s it. So, if you want to provide opinions/comments/conspiracy theories, feel free to do so, just don’t expect an in-depth response. 😉

One theory I do have going by episode 19, Lost = lost souls = limbo…?