Sony in blatant product placement shocker

So, I’m almost caught up with this weeks TV and just couldn’t help but give a little laugh at Sony trying to get us to believe that even the kids in Heroes, in fact, one of the ‘Heroes’, Micah who has been kidnapped by the sinister Mr Linnderman and being held by a morpher, play on PS3’s.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing that Sony wanted to stick their product in one of the most popular series on TV at the moment, oh no, I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why the Xbox 360 or even the Nintendo Wii weren’t sitting next to the nice big TV that… might or might not be a Sony TV. There appears to be the usual piece of tape conveniently covering up the brand name, so I guess the TV wasn’t provided by Sony or they only made a deal to plug the PS3.

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