Most Haunted Live experience 2, Pt.1

This will have to be in 2 parts due to my dumbass camera deciding to do it’s battery draining trick whenever I go somewhere that I want to take pics of, we didn’t even get to the event and the battery was half drained before I’d even switched it on and taken one photo. So, I’m waiting for a couple of pics from my neighbour that she took to add…

Paul Ross signingSo, that left us with a mobile phone camera that takes half decent pics as long as the subject (and picture taker) is perfectly still… which is why the pic of Karl Beattie that the missus took is skew-whiff.

One photo that turned out well is one of Paul Ross signing a napkin that my neighbour was taking to everyone she could and it was a good turnout, better that at Llanelli with Lesley (the historian), Stuart, a brief appearance of David Wells and even Ciaran O’Keeffe.

MHL Paul Ross autograph

Well, what can I say?! Considering we went with only ‘standby’ tickets, we managed to end up with better seats than some of those that had queued up for over an hour to get in.

I got in first due to having nothing on me that would be considered a security risk or a mobile phone or anything that could cause a nuisance in the ‘studio’ and found some seats.

They were about 10 rows back and not particularly in a good spot, but eagle-eyed wife spotted a crew member taking pieces of paper with ‘reserved’ off some seats and went to ask if those had become free, they had and so we ended up 6 rows from the front and quite near the centre aisle, not bad for standby ticket holders.

MHL wrist bandNot a lot happened this time, it was just the usual thing with the show happening as it should, but if one thing was for sure, it was pretty darn cold and by the end of the night (midnight), it was bloody cold.

It was still good and there were some laughs, but it didn’t quite have the same atmosphere as before and I think it could have been due to how cold it was. 🙁