Rochelle Aytes ‘Drive’s you wild!

Wow! Just seen all 3 episodes of Drive and it’s not too bad, one of the characters we haven’t had too much info about is Rochelle Aytes’ character, Leigh Barnthouse.

She is a babe! She also played Keisha in the one-off Jonny Zero, bit of a shame that series didn’t make it, it was pretty good, obviously not that good though. First episode was fairly annoying with already so many answers needed, but the questions got answered quite quickly which is good as the concept of the program is about being fast and always on the go, if it keeps the adrenaline going and keeps up the pace, it could turn out a hit.

This is a series I’ll be keeping up with for as long as it runs, regardless of how shit it may get later on, now that I’ve watched the first 3 episodes I’ll still be compelled to watch it. My first thoughts about it were Heroes/Lost, Heroes due to the way that the program follows each car and Lost due to them being thrown into something they don’t really have much idea of what’s going on and why. As for the reason why I blogged this, just to point out the obviousness of the babe that is Rochelle Aytes. 😉