The waiting game

You sit there, twiddling thumbs, chewing fingernails or whatever passes time away when you’re waiting for something. I called MX2 earlier today to enquire as to where the MicroSD card I ordered last week was, it turns out they’re also waiting… for more stock.

The guy on the phone said that the 2GB card I ordered was popular, so when they have them in, they’re gone in no time which is understandable when they’re £1 cheaper than even at £16.99, I guess the only difference is, is Play have more stock. I’m not that bothered though, if it means saving even £1, I’m willing to wait. It’s not that I’m ‘cheap’ or whatever, I just prefer to pay what appears to be the best price and if I can find places that are cheaper than elsewhere, I’ll buy from there.

Saying that though, I looked on Amazon earlier today and did a little test, I found that 4 1GB MicroSD cards would cost around £33, that’s not too bad, but considering the cards cost £3.91 each, it’s £18 for P&P. That’s the problem when you’re not buying from Amazon and just through them, you’re charged P&P and that can bump the price up.

Anyhoo, back to waiting… patiently… with my DS. 🙁