Admin on the Nisan, stealing our posts

As also noticed by fellow WordPress blogger Larko, someone appears to be ‘stealing’ what seems to be every post on WordPress.

I wondered why my ‘R4DS’ post had been sent a trackback and visited the link to what I found to be an exact copy of the post, I suppose it was a pointless thing to do, but I left a response asking to remove it or at least post a summary and as the comment was held for moderation, I’m guessing ‘he’ doesn’t even bother reading all the posts and just harvests them for some unknown inane reason.
It’s nice to see when someone has linked back to you or just left a trackback, but to take the whole post is just not on, so if this ‘admin on the Nisan’ can be blocked from WordPress, then our blogs will remain our own and not some content stealing idiot that seems to be on some kind of pointless exercise.