My R4DS finally came…

It’s taken about 15 days, but the R4 is finally here!R4 set

To extend the enjoyment from my trusty old original Nintendo DS, I decided to get a cart that will allow me to run homebrew games and applications, it does also run *ahem* ROMs, but I prefer to buy my games as I like to have the proper case and manual.

MicroSD USB 2.0 adapterAll I need now is the MicroSD card that I ordered last week and I’ll be able to test it out with the easy to transfer adapter and for content, I’ll be looking on DCEmuUK to see what I can try out with it.R4 cart 2

The envelope had been damaged by Royal Mail somehow and it looked like they had tried to open it, so I wasn’t too pleased about that, I’m just pleased that it’s here and when the MicroSD card gets here, I’ll be able to try out all sorts of geeky stuff like see if there’s an internet browser (free, not the official Opera one) to go on the net with and even go on IRC as I know there’s an IRC client for it. 😀