Finally uploaded the Project Treasure Island Z trailer

As per my usual routine, I go into the living room after browsing the net and playing some Virtual Villagers, watch TV while having some food and then doze off on the sofa, only to wake up around 60-90 minutes later and go to bed.

Then again as usual, I get back out of bed around 30 minutes later due to not being able to get back to sleep and so come back downstairs to do stuff. For anyone that’s heard of the guitarist, Simon Lees, I’m sure I had my photo taken with him when he did a gig in my old local pub some years ago and for some reason, I was thinking about him and how great he is on the guitar, but I’ll need to do a bit of digging out to find the pic, so I’ll leave that til a later post.

For now though, it seems that YouTube has finally allowed me to upload the Project Treasure Island Z (Working Title) Wii Trailer that I tried earlier on…