Moved to WordPress

With the Mental Gamers web space suffering from another bout of tardness, I decided to put my blog on WordPress since it’s a recommended host anyway. The only thing with hosting it on here is that you don’t have complete and total control over the blog, but it’ll do for now or until I actually decide to get my own webspace.

I don’t need much space, just as long as it’s got a MySQL DB and doesn’t have a problem withVirtual Villagers php and whatever, then it’ll do. I’m thinking of having the Bronze package from at £29.99pa as it seems to be what I would need for my little site and blog, it’s also something we’re thinking about for Mental Gamers as the Gold package is quite a bargain for what you get.

Anyway, time to go back to playing Virtual Villagers to see if they’re doing something, it’s one of those games you need to be a bit careful with as it still plays even when you close the game or even turn off the computer, so keeping an eye on things every couple of hours or so is essential. 🙁