Lost a limb?

This may sound strange to some people, but with the MG site being down, I feel like I’ve lost a limb. I guess I could have started it up here until the site was back up, but I don’t think it would be worth it and not only that, it gives me a bit of a break from reporting news about games and gives me more time to actually play them…

Which I would if my TV was working properly and although I have the one in the living room with it’s Dolby Pro Logic Surround Sound gubbins, too much noise goes on and I already have an over sensitive right ear.

It does give me a chance to surf the net a bit more and feed my YouTube viewing needs till I burst, talking of which, I downloaded the Wii Internet Browser last night and had a good browse with it, just a few problems though;

  1. It really needs some kind of keyboard browsing peripheral that either plugs into the USB port or has extra mega strong batteries, using the Wiimote is ok, but battery power is a downside.
  2. The Wii lacks memory. I found that the Wii ran out of memory a few times when viewing Flash based stuff.
  3. It needs a keyboard. I reiterate that because of the ‘favourites’ in the my.opera favourite, one of them is to Googles Blogger and if you’re going to blog via the wii, an on-screen keyboard is a no-no.

Other than that, it seems to be a fine browser, I think some people were expecting a little too much from it and thought it was going to be like a proper fully featured version of Opera, but what you need to realise is, for what it can do in the little filesize that it is, it has all the functions it needs to be able to browse the internet through your TV via the Wii.

Don’t forget that it’s free until June 30th, then it will cost you 500 points (£3.50/$5/€5).