Saving up monies

Gah, it’s impossible when you have people that expect you to buy stuff on EVERY occasion in the calendar. Especially when you have a missus that likes to ‘celebrate’ every possible event, she’s a sucker for the corporate holidays that squeeze you for money at some unknown shit holiday they made up and if I don’t get anything or give her less than £10 for any of these events, misery shall follow.

I’ve gotta admit that it pisses me off, I wouldn’t bother with it all as I like to keep my money for stuff I want to use it for, not because of some ‘Day’, but when you think about it, there’s one of those ‘Day’s’ at least 8 times a year.

  1. January: 25th Burns Night (Scotland)
  2. February: 14th Valentines Day. Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day, not really that important)
  3. March: 18th Mothers Day. St Patricks Day (Ireland, not really an occasion, just a big celebration)
  4. April: Easter
  5. June: 17th Fathers Day
  6. September: 22nd Grandparents Day. Another corporate idea to get you to buy a card and a present.
  7. Then we’re safe until November 5th, Guy Fawkes Night (don’t really count Halloween in October as it’s not particularly something ‘celebrated’ due to being about nothing)
  8. The Main Event: Christmas.

Then you have the matter of Birthdays to consider, I reckon I should be safe after Easter and be able to resume saving money until the kids Birthdays 3 months later in August, that’s if the missus doesn’t come up with some bullshit excuse of an idea just to get cash out of me like she usually does. “What do you think about….” NO! Don’t bother asking coz it ain’t gonna happen. I know it pisses her off that I don’t waste my money by spending it on shit we don’t need, but that’s just tough, she can’t stay in all day, she has to go out to town or somewhere that involves spending money. She’s one of those that aren’t happy unless they’re spending money, yet I prefer to buy only what I need and no, I know I don’t ‘need’ games or consoles, but due to not really needing anything, the money I’ve saved not buying shit for the sake of it provides funds for indulging in stuff like that.