Who invented Mondays?

It’s been so boring today, no news worth putting up on Mental Gamers and I’m not going to join the rest of the internet going on about the PS3, I already said it was a failed launch, nothing I can say is going to make any difference to what everyone else is saying. UK:Resistance have pretty much everything about the failings of the PS3 in Europe featuring a photo from most of the ‘events’, including the pretty much non-existent one in Birmingham. It seems I’m not the only one that thinks it was a failure, fosfor gadgets also think the same and the fact is, it was a disappointing launch despite the announcement that it’s actually the fastest selling console by selling 165,000 over the weekend.

I’ve sorted the social bookmark problem by using a different version that doesn’t involve using icons, but just text links to what are probably the mostly used ‘services’ by people. I’m trying to ‘get around’ to like-minded bloggers and hopefully get some linking going and become part of a kind of social network, which is why I’m changing my blogging style slightly to not only include personal stuff, but to mention more about stuff I’m into and if there’s anything happening about the stuff I’m into.

I. AM. SPARTA. n shit, yo…

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