aceman Onblog is 50 posts old

Well, I never thought it would last this long due to me usually losing interest after a month or so, but here I am, 50 posts and 3 Vlogs later and I still have the interest to do more.

I’m still deciding on a theme that I want to stick with for as long as I can, this one is nice, but it doesn’t work well in IE, so I’m still on the look out for a decent 3 column theme that’s a bit more tweakable than this. One of the things that b0rks up the style is because I use Flash/Javascript elements and they tend to make things go wibbly and cause some things to break the style. I’ve changed it to 2 columns to see if it works any better and enabled the sliding thing at the top (the bit you click on Open/Close to see/hide), but anyway…

I suppose I’ll mention the PS3 and oh|so|failed launch where I don’t think they’ve even sold half of the UK’s allocation. I checked on line to see who had stock yesterday, every Argos store within my postcode had stock as did GAME, Gameplay, Amazon and a few other sites I looked on. I had to laugh at the lack of interest at the ‘launch event’ when only about 125 turned up and apparently about 20 of those were press, so it was hardly the most exciting thing to happen and despite what the Sony execs say, it was a failure.

Well, that’s it, time to go looking for more themes and do other stuff…