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New style ahoy!

I’ve decided to go for a 3 column styled theme and although I wasn’t that keen on the 2 sidebars on the same side style before, I think it doesn’t look so bad now that I’ve become a bit more used to seeing so many themes with the same kind of style. The main reason for going the 3 columned route is because I don’t expect visitors to scroll down so much to see all the gubbins I have down the side, I only have 6 posts showing on each ‘page’ (instead of like other blogs which have pretty much every post ever on the front page, therefore taking a tonne of the visitors CPU, RAM, bandwidth and time to load up) and with the amount of crap I stick on the side, it was longer than the length of the posts.

The 2nd sidebar still needs sorting out, so I’ll be sorting that out after I’ve finished this post and to see archives, categories and stuff, there was a link you could click on to ‘Open/Close’ menus at the top, the only problem with that is, if there was a shitload of links that have been added, it could get very big indeed and possibly become too much to handle, so I’ll be sticking them in the sidebar or something.

Well, that’s it for now and maybe I’ll be doing another vBlog soon, but for now, time to have a look at tweaking this thing..

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