Today was a good day

I was just thinking of that Ice Cube tune for some reason, which is why I’ve used it as the title. As mentioned in the previouspost, I was going to see if the missus could basically exchange my PSP version of GTA:VCS for the Ps2 version and waddya know, she did!

That’s what I originally wanted, so I’d just like to say that Gamestation are FTW for giving £18 for the (mint condition, NRFP) PSP version and price matching Woolworths who are selling it for £14.97, thus leaving me with a £3.03 credit note. It’s not that often I buy new games and especially ones that have only just been released, I usually leave them until they’ve been reduced, but then again, with internet prices being so low, it’s not so bad splashing out on a new one now and then.

I have to say that I’m not one of those people that have to have all the big releases on the day of launch, it doesn’t bother me if I’m not playing the latest and greatest with everyone else, I buy games when I want to and not just on launch day to fit in with everyone else. Anyway, I r happy bunny now I’ve got the version I wanted, now I’m just waiting for Theme Park and Sim City for the DS…