Action stations!

Kind of got the carpet sorted in the small bedroom where the daughter No.2 sleeps, but it wasn’t quite cut by a proper carpet fitter and so looks like your dad in the jacket he got married in, still fits, but is a bit short where it matters. The one corner of the room has a hole where the old water pipes still go down, so with a bit of luck, I hope we can get that sorted before we have a new carpet fitted in there as it’s basically the size of half a floorboard.

The missus knows about someone that might have my unopened PSP GTA:VCS and give us £20 for it, if so, I’ll let her sell it to get the PS2 version of the same game, which is what I wanted to do originally, yet they (R*) decided it wasn’t going to be released on the PS2 until about 6 weeks ago when they announced that it was and that’s why I had the PSP version for my Birthday. Although GTA: San Andreas Stories hasn’t been announced (yet), I’m definitely going to hold out until the PS2 version is released and not make the same mistake again if they do decide to do S.A.S.. I don’t trade in games, I don’t see the point in paying all that money for the sake of buying the game, playing it constantly until I’m sick of it about a week or 2 later, then trade it in to get another game. I only buy games I want and will play again and again which is why my collection isn’t that big, I’m not going to pay £35-40 for a game to go and lose around £15 when I trade it in after 2 weeks when it’s still pretty much brand new, if that’s what others like to do, fine, but they must like losing money because they’re not gaining anything.

So, Sony have decided to announce a new PSP that’s going to be slightly (and I reckon it will be ever so slightly) smaller and lighter, I don’t know why the PSP gets such a bad rap when it’s capable of so many things. Ok, so the games aren’t that spectacular, what did you expect? It’s a portable PlayStation, you know, the old 32bit console?! I think it’s a decent piece of kit that can be used as an MP3 player, image viewer and video player as well as play games and that’s not including the home brew side of things. Anyway, not only that, but fuckinell they’ve impressed a whole load of nay-sayers with the announcement of Home. Wow! It’s damn amazing and I think it could be the thing that will sell the PS3, not the Blu-Ray bullshit or the games, Home is what people will want to play with, I know I’d spend quite a bit of time on there just chilling out and doing stuff. It’s like an immersive Xbox Live using characters ala Mii’s to wonder round a virtual lobby not too akin to in like in Anarchy Online, I don’t care what anyone says, Home is fucking impressive and if done right, will be what Sony need to get the PS3 on top.