Back to the old theme

It’s no good, I just had to do it, as much as I liked the Say It 2.0 theme, I’ve gone back to this more simpler style theme.

It still has a bit of tweaking to be done in the way of colour, but it’s simple look is what I’m after, there are some nice themes out there with fancy graphics and whatnot, I don’t want that though. A blog doesn’t need a load of fancy bells and whistles, people don’t visit because of what it looks like, people should be visiting because of the content and although I’m hardly the most interesting blogger ever, I like to think my ramblings appeal to some people.

The kids were rather excited earlier, especially the youngest who couldn’t wait, Viva Piñata has started on Nick Toons and due to watching the episodes I used to download on the Xbox 360, they were soon sitting quiet, ready for it to start. They had already seen the episodes that were on, but at least it’s on TV now and they don’t have to keep bugging me to ask about new episodes on Xbox Live. Now I just need to get them to stop asking about if there are new votes on the Everybody Votes Wii channel…

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