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vBlog, back with avengeance

I might start doing a video blog every Friday or something, it’s not like anything major ever happens anyway, but I was watching a video blog of some kid who was saying that YouTube is addictive and that it should have a warning that it’s so addictive. I don’t think it’s THAT addictive, although, I do see his point a bit, I sometimes sit here and look at the webcam wondering whether to record something and upload it, but then I think;

  1. It’s not like I have that many people visit my blog anyway
  2. I don’t think people would care that much about what I’ve done every day
  3. I’m not a daily blogger, I blog around 4 times a week about ‘stuff’, it’s not like I would find that much to say

So, while I could do a vBlog every day or even twice a day, it wouldn’t be worth it and I reckon people would get a bit fed up of seeing so many vids up, you only need to look around on YouTube and the comments for serial vBloggers, some aren’t that nice. As usual, click ‘See more..’ to see the vBlog.

Lastly, it appears WordPress 2.1.1 was somehow sabotaged and a couple of files were changed that could allow hackers to gain access to your site, anyone using WordPress should already know this, but I’ll be updating as soon as I’ve entered this post…