Onblog on your Wii, DS or PSP

Due to not noticing that I needed to click a link while visiting here on my Wii, I thought the Wii plugin had b0rk3d. So, I went to the plugins website and noticed something called the WordPress Ultimate Gamer’s Pack Plugin that allows people to visit WordPress blogs on the console/handheld of their choice via its browser.

I’ve put a couple of pics up for you to click on and see what this blog looks like with the plugin, sorry the quality is crap, but you can see how it looks. It’s really just a list of however many entries you have per page and you just click on the title to read the post and surprisingly, the YouTube vids work in the Wii browser which I didn’t know as I don’t know the specs of the Wii browser.

Anyway, just thought I’d let you know that there is more ways than one to read my blog!

{edit}The plugin doesn’t work due to being hosted on WordPress.com.