Sunday, boring Sunday

Whatever happened to Sundays? They used to be so good and there was usually something you could find to do, now I find myself just sitting here and staring at the monitor wondering what to do.

I’ve given up on using the PC for online gaming or any other kind of gaming, except a bit of old style games via DOSbox, but even those haven’t been played for some time. I try to play console games, but the game is guessing when the TV will do its special trick of clunking into standby at any given moment, then there’s the moving of consoles to be done, again. The X360 needs to be put in the vertical position in an effort to stop it scratching disks (it doesn’t ‘scratch’ them as such, it’s more of a graze that stops a part of the disk being read) and the Wii has the crappest Wi-Fi ever, it has loads of trouble connecting when under the TV, so it’s going to have to go back to on top of my drawers so that it can get a better signal.

I’m not really a tidy person, organized chaos is where it’s at and saying your going to tidy it up soon is one of the reasons for you to sit there trying to figure out what you’re going to do with the stuff and where it’s got to go. Like fellow blogger, Pi0z, I try to find other things to do that don’t involve sitting on my arse, but one of my ‘things to do’ when my brain fails me for ideas is to go lie on the bed and listen to music via my PSP and what’s the answer to all this?!

Stop watching TV, it really does slowly erase your imagination, go out and do stuff or even go round to a mates house and do stuff that doesn’t involve being stuck watching brain-sapping TV shows … and don’t stop doing that. Even when you leave school, keep in touch with mates or even when you move out and get your own place, find out who has similar tastes to you and keep doing stuff that keeps the braincells occupied before life starts spoiling your Sundays…