It’s grumble time again

I am getting so pissed off with my TV now and it’s constant switching off into standby mode, WHY?

It works fine for even up to 3 hours or so and then .. CLUNK! .. off it goes. I have a feeling it could be the tube is finally giving up and one of these days it’ll go ‘clunk’ forever, can’t complain really, had it a couple of years now and it only cost about £90. I’d like one the same size, 24″ widescreen, but I don’t really want HD Ready since it’s only going to be used for gaming (and a bit of TV/DVD watching), but with the cost of some of the budget sets coming down, you can pick them up for around £230-ish, but I really need to sort something out soon before I go mad.

Talking of TV, in a bid to save a bit of money, me and the missus were thinking of switching to Cable TV, so I decided to attempt to navigate the Virgin Media site to find out more about what channels with what package and so on. Since we’re already customers with the broadband and phone, it seems we would get a bit of a discount for a decent package and apparently only pay a bit more for the ‘XL’ deal… When you look at the channel listings, wow, they do skimp a bit on what you get. The ‘M’ list is basically all the free channels and a couple of shit ones thrown in, but if you have the phone service, that’s free, so I suppose it isn’t too bad. The ‘L’ listing adds some kids channels, a few documentary and UKTV channels, as well as some +1 channels, so in a way, if you want the full whack, XL is the way to go.

From what I can see, it should work out cheaper due to not having the unnecessary amount of free shit channels that keep being added to satellite every year and bumps up the cost, I mean, it’s £37 a month for the ‘Movie World’ package or whatever it’s called and that’s because of the amount of shit channels that appear and no fucker watches, yet the customer has to subsidise for. That’s why I’m going to cancel my subscription to go with Cable and have just the channels that matter, there wouldn’t be any point in just lowering the ‘package’ on satellite, you only save about 2 fucking quid anyway.