Whoops, haven’t blogged for a while!

Wowzers! I didn’t realise it had been so long since the last blog post and I’m trying to keep it as updated as I can. It’s been mainly to do with having a cold and my head is still a bit numb from it, so I’ve hardy done much in the last couple of weeks.

Started decorating, but then due to wanting/needing to buy stuff, I forgot about Valentines Day, therefore the last couple of days have been pretty shit with the missus being pissed off about not getting anything and my sleeping pattern is fucked up again. I’m ok at going in the living room, having a snack while watching TV, then lying down to watch TV and falling asleep for a few hours, but then I wake up and go to bed for an hour, and get back out of bed due to not being able to get back to sleep.

I didn’t bother with the Brits, I noticed Amy Whinehorse went and won what Lily Allen should have, nominated for 4 awards and didn’t get one, that’s shit Brits for you. One good thing out of it was that Oasis got the Outstanding Contribution award and rightly so, but I can’t stand the obnoxious twat known as Russell Brand. I’m just glad he’s not bothering with Big Brothers Big Mouth anymore, I don’t think I could’ve stood his fucking poncing around much longer, in fact, the longer he stays off the TV, the better.

Got a few games to play at the moment, still trying to catch up on a few reviews, but latest gaming entails of Soprano’s, Wii Sports/Play, Avatar: The Legend of Aang and now Viva Piñata. The obtaining of Viva Piñata is kinda what pissed the missus off as I wanted it before it went out of stock from Argos again (it’s only £24.99 from there) and with other finances, it meant I didn’t have enough for Valentines stuff.