Another joker

I do wish people would stop using my Hotmail address to sign up for shit.

Welcome man_man6,

You are now a member of and can compete in great games against players from all over the world. As you play you will collect jewels whether you beat you opponent or not. Keep track of how many jewels you have as the more you collect the more new features you will unlock.

man_man6? Who the f**k is that? What the f**k (used in its proper context) is Do these idiots that use my address realise that they aren’t going to get any confirmation emails and that I could easily go to links in the emails, retrieve passwords and take over their account(s)?!

I did that once to some guy that used another email address of mine and it happened to be some dating site or something, well, since I kept getting these emails from that place, I decided to log into his account and change it to weird stuff and that he was gay looking for men and whatnot. That was when I got an email from him saying he had made a mistake and used the wrong address and apparently, the rest of the email got cut short due to it being too aggressive and that the site didn’t allow such abusive emails, I guess his membership there didn’t last much longer…