Who The F**k?

There’s another ‘WTF’ acronym for the fat geeks of WebProNews that spammed an email address of mine with nonsensical ramblings. Who the fuck are they and do they really know WHAT THE F**K they are talking about?!

WTF? It’s one of the more popular little collections of three letters people use to describe their bafflement at some particularly head-shaking piece of news. At Technorati, visitors have that same feeling when someone or something suddenly becomes a hot topic, but aren’t sure why.

That’s when Where’s The Fire? comes into play.

What? No. WTF doesn’t mean the lame ‘Where’s The fire?’, that’s just shit. Technorati is one of, if not the biggest blog feed site going (if only it would let me ‘claim’ this blog properly instead of giving me some bullshit error), so to call this new WTF thing something weak is just crap.

Anyhow, I’ve ‘unsubscribed’ from the shitty newsletter that featured an article from another fat-faced nerd about Apple having to pay legal fees to bloggers, something about paying money to find out who leaked info about an in-development product. Having this cold makes not want to read a lot and especially when it’s boring shit from fat pompous geeks that think you want to know ‘Where’s The Fire?’, twats.