The Wiivolution has began

So let it be known, I have succumb to the powers of the Wii and have gone and bought one. I was going to get one sooner or later, but when the missus said that she had been in a few shops to ask about it, I wasn’t that bothered that nobody had any stock. That was until she had been into town yesterday and had walked past GAME, where the manager spotted her and waved her into the shop to let her know they had gotten 6 in stock.

As stock pretty much everywhere is low or non-existant, that was when I said to get one. As usual, the kids have given me their cold, they so like to share their germs with me and as it’s the first day of this cold, I was feeling quite shitty. After having a go with the Wii, setting it all up and getting it online, then having a go at Wii Sports and Wii Play, it’s made me feel somewhat better and especially the Billiards game in Wii Play. I like pool games and this one is so addictive, if they brought out a game like it or like the Xbox Live Arcade game Bankshot Billiards 2, I’d buy it.

So that’s something to keep me happy for a while and especially having this shitty cold. 🙁

For anyone that bothers to read this and also has a Wii, leave your Wii Number in the comments and add me 6687 8973 3265 7754