Bloggity bloggity blog

There are so many blogging clients out there and even a handful of decent hosts, it’s so easy to choose one and start telling the rest of the internet your thoughts, opinions and whatever.

Valleywag's editor Owen Thomas blogging live a...I’ve been doing ‘blogging’ for years, when I used to have my little personal site (kinda like the main one here), I would update it around once or twice a week and put an ‘update post’ on the main page, that was in 2001-2002, just before the blogging scene appeared. Now it’s gone crazy, not only do people use the blogging client for a blog, but with clients like WordPress, they’re used for full sites too.
In the sidebar on the right, there’s a ‘Blogroll’ with links to other blogs, they include a couple from real people, but it seems I’m starting to gain a few more of my own. In December 2005, Windows Live was starting to become a bit more noticed and that has a thing called Windows Live Spaces, that was when I took a look and set this up just to see what it was like.
Then in May of 2006 when I thought about starting up a proper blog, I tried Yahoo 360°, but due to trying the US version with Firefox first, it was a Javascript nightmare that didn’t work. The US part of geocities is now like this just as something to put there, the space on my UK Geocities space holds the old Need For Speed Underground 2 site I did ages ago, but my Yahoo 360° blog looks a bit like this.
My latest additions to the aceman blog society are; a new Live Space based on Xbox Live and even my Xbox 360 has a blog to tell the intarweb world whether I’ve been playing, what I’ve been playing and what happened. What I can’t understand about the X360’s blog is that it reckons I didn’t play anything in the last 2 days, yet I know I did and my Xbox Live profile can vouch for me playing something on Jan 20th, in the Recent Players part of my profile, it’s got a list of other people that were also playing the Test Drive Unlimited demo at the same time I was.
I’ve played something every day since registering the blog (it even takes 2 days to get going properly), so it seems that it either doesn’t really work that well or because it’s 8 hours behind GMT (US Pacific time), it doesn’t register games played at a certain time.
Ah well, it’s all just a bit of fun anyway.