Yay, more upgrading!

What has only been 11 days since the last upgrade, WordPress has had to have a security update that fixes a php bug, so the hamsters have gradually had their booster shots and are up to date.

I couldn’t work out why I couldn’t connect to da intarweb directly, get emails and use FTP with the wireless router, turns out I needed to ‘network’ the PC, even though it’s the only PC running (it’s using a wired connection to the router, same with the X360). The X360 works fine and I’ve already downloaded a couple of demos and a few XBLA games (trial versions), although, I’ve had to change my tag to MentalAceman due to being a knob and creating the tag online. That meant that, when I connected to Xbox Live, it would download the new profile that didn’t have the (very little) Gamerpoints and Achievements I originally had, never mind though, it’s a name I also use on YouTube…

Anyhoo, it all seems fine and dandy now and the connection to Xbox Live is something I’ve been meaning to do for ages, now I’ll be able to try out the new XBLA game that’s out from 9am tomorrow (Wed Jan 17th), Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank.