I'm still alive

For the sake of anyone that actually reads this, I’m still alive, but my old PC isn’t.

Well, it is .. kind of. Power goes through, but it just doesn’t kick in and boot up, so as a drastic measure that I didn’t really want to take being so close to Xmas, I had to go and buy a new one. One bonus to doing that is that I only have to get another 512MB of RAM and the basic graphics card that I planned on getting by building up a spec online and I’ll have that same spec, albeit, around £100 less than I would have paid if I had built one up online.

Anyhoo, got back online, then an update to the Mental Gamers server was made and everything php-based went tits up, this meant I couldn’t get back to work doing stuff as the whole site is php. The only ‘site’ that worked was my main site due to it being HTML, but even this blog is php, so it all had to be re-uploaded. EVERY php file (to do with main sites) has been replaced and with any luck, things won’t fuck up, at least for a while and before I get to make a backup.

I should really get back to playing these games that I have to review, but when things keep fucking you about, it puts things back and you just get pissed off. I’ve been playing some old DOS games thanks to the almighty DOSbox, I was going to use a Genesis/Mega Drive emulator to play some old favourites, but since that uses 100% of the CPU, I’m not too keen on doing that. DOSbox plays the old games I wanted to play, but obviously the PC versions and they hardly use any CPU power at all, so I’ve been having a good old blast of Kings Bounty, Populous and even Theme Park. There are some that don’t work or need something to work, but as long as the main ones work, I’m happy…