Can this year get any shittier?

There’s only 2 months left, plenty of time for it to get shittier. So, what’s happened since going on holiday late September?

  • While on holiday, I get a bastard of a cold and feel like shit all week
  • Come back off holiday, turn computer on and the green light is just flashing, seems to take half hour for it to actually boot up. Meanwhile, still feeling crappy as the cold is taking longer to go away than usual, I start feeling better when…
  • The cat is starting to bring her food up more regularly and she seems to not have much energy. She had a lump on her chest that was getting bigger, but didn’t seem to be causing problems, the missus takes her to the PDSA, they have a look and say to go back the next week. She goes back, we leave her there to have X-rays and scans done, turns out she had a big tumor that couldn’t be removed and to save any further suffering, the best choice was to have her put to sleep. Only 11 years old and had a good few years left … or so we thought.

The latest thing is what you can see in the picture. The left side of my face is all red and swollen due to a viral infection known as Cellulitis and is the reason why I haven’t been online for a couple of days. Well, that and my comp decided it would fuck up again, causing me to reinstall Windows. It’s still not 100% stable now, but it’ll have to do until I get round to getting a new one. I’m hoping things will pick up and life gets back to whatever normality it was at before, but for now, it certainly isn’t a bunch of roses for me. I know things go wrong and you can’t expect live a perfect life, but it really gets you down when so much crap goes on at once. 🙁