The irony of IRC

You know, you really have to laugh at some of the people on IRC. You have the ones that think they know all and when confronted, have shite evidence as back up. The attention whores (as mentioned in Pi0z’s blog, link on the right) and then there are the ones who have power in a channel that shouldn’t be theirs due to them abusing the power or just too stupid to know how to use it properly.

Here’s an example of what happened just over 10 minutes ago in #BF2

    [22:53:58] ::: join: (HJHJHJH) (~HJH@CBL217-***-**-**
    [22:54:12] [HJHJHJH] heyyyyyyyyy
    [22:56:07] [@Guus] hey.
    [22:56:13] [@Guus] #2142 for the link to the official BF2142 demo !He tells someone to go to a channel that has an illegal link in the topic, the topic is:
    [22:56:55] ::: Topic is (Unofficial Battlefield 2142 channel – Welcome ! |********/bf2142_demo |)
    [22:56:55] ::: Set by (Guus) on (Thu Oct 05 22:44:14 2006)

    It’s illegal because, the Battlefield 2142 demo is only available to people that have pre-ordered through the EA Downloader and therefore, the demo is not available to the general public yet.
    [22:57:02] [HJHJHJH] i need help
    [22:57:11] [HJHJHJH] u guys support unbuyed coppies ?
    [22:58:55] [HJHJHJH] ?
    [22:59:04] [HJHJHJH] is it allowed to talk here?

    ‘We’ don’t “support unbuyed coppies”, that’s basically warez, but rather than just say we don’t, Mr Power Mad does the following:
    [22:59:09] ::: mode: (Guus) sets (+b *!*HJH@*
    [22:59:09] ::: This *!*HJH@* ban affects: HJHJHJH
    [22:59:09] ::: kick: (HJHJHJH) was kicked by (Guus) (topic: Forums and support: / | 2142 demo out today on EA Downloader |NO ads/spam/warez…)

Note how the idiot quotes the channel topic in his kick message, the ‘NO ads/spam/warez…’ bit in particular. How ironic can you get? Tell people to join a channel to get something illegal, then ban someone from a channel for just asking if the channel “support unbuyed coppies”. Total fucking moron. A simple ‘no’ would have sufficed, the guy seemed ok and wasn’t going to cause any trouble as such, but Guus the gimp doesn’t see things like that.

By the way, I’m aware that I’ve left the victims hostmask uncovered (the last bit anyway), this is to tell you that you’ll find that a LOT of people from .il (Israel) come into channels and ask about ‘warez’. In my experience (on IRC), 70% of people asking where to get ‘cracked’ keys/no-cd/patches are from there, a small percentage are from Finland/Norway/Sweden, but at least 10-15% are from Germany. Here’s a little tip for those of you on QuakeNet, any ‘proper’ channel won’t help with warez or give links to illegal downloads, even if they are unofficial, which most of the time, they are. You won’t find many ‘official’ channels for games on QuakeNet, a lot of them head for GameSurge whch is mainly an American network.

Anyway, that little episode made me feel a bit better, I’m still feeling like crap with a sore throat and a bit light-headed now and then, but I stroll on… ;D