MySpace as it’s name goes or myspc to the retarded gimps that would no doubt refer to it as is one of the later reasons for the English language dying. Why the fuck do idiots think it’s quicker to type in ‘txt’ when they have a full keyboard in front of them and not the latest chav phone to prod the buttons endlessly out of?!

I’ve tried to ‘type’ in ‘txt’ and I can’t, it actually takes concentration to type lik u wld if tlkn 2 a m8 wiv txt. It’s understandable to use txt when sending SMS messages, but for fucks sake, this is the internet that you access using a PC/Mac and a full keyboard with every letter, number and punctuation mark you’ll ever need, stop bastardizing the English language with your stupid retarded ‘txt’ language.

Anyway, no point in losing sleep over it, people that complain about it are apparently the grumpy old bastards with no life and are stupid and stuff and like, yeah, are thick and don’t understand and … like, stuff. It’s a rebellious age we live in and authority really means sweet fuck all these days, gone are the days of kids taking note of wisdom and advice given to them as they’re the ones that ‘know it all’, but secretly, they do actually remember advice given to them when that advice is relevant to a situation, but of course, they won’t admit that to anyone. 😉