Emo style photo-taking

Now, us internet types are aware of the breed known as ‘EMO’ and that they have a strange way of taking photo’s of themselves. Considering they’re supposed to be so emotional and miserable and possibly even suicidal, it makes you wonder why they stick so many pictures of themselves up on the internet for people to see. If they hate everything and everyone, then they should just lock themselves away in a room and not spread on the internet like some kind of depressing virus.

This is additional to the guide that Pi0z plonked up on his blog.
The pic on the left there is of me doing the 2 traditional poses for a typically emo-style photo. Yes, I know my hair is rather untidy and yes, I’m going to have it cut next week anyway. Besides that, the 1st pic is the standard affair of front-right 3rd perspective, I’ve also added the 2nd most popular style of photo, the ‘back-right’ angle. (Click the image to see bigger version.)

Note how I’ve also managed to keep some of my arm in shot, it was actually harder than it looks to take the pics with my arm in shot due to the spasticated way you need to hold the camera.

Once you’ve recovered from looking at my gorgeous (read: grotesque) features, now you’ll see why myspace has become such a wasteofspace due to so many of these insects crawling all over it. Mentioning myspace brings me onto the next post of my blog…