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The Most Haunted Live Experience

It seems we got there, albeit slightly later than planned due to junctions 33 to 35 on the M4 closed due to an accident and having to take a different, longer route, just in time for some pre-show entertainment.

‘There’ turned out to be Llanelli, I didn’t know this due to a couple of things, one of them not knowing there was a live event until a couple of days ago and the other being a lack of information given to me by the missus.
That was the wristband we were given to let us in, but just before we got to the guy that was ‘checking us in’ so to speak, we noticed someone wrapped in cling film and being placed on one of these..
On closer inspection, it turned out to be Richard Felix..
..who had called a few of the other guys, “tossers” the previous night.
I’ll be able to provide more pics when I get them, I nubbishly forgot to take my camera and so missed out on taking the pics I wanted, but I should be getting a few pics from a couple of others that went with us (or rather, one of them (our neighbour) that took us).
He was wheeled out on the trolley in full public view, wrapped in cling film with baked beans inside the cling film and Karl Beattie followed with a cake. Not just any cake, it was a gateau type cake of which, after his explanation of why Richard was trussed up, he promptly squiged it on Richards head. That was then followed up with the pouring of cream on top and left there in quite a scorching heat for a good 10 minutes.
Richard did ask them to leave his right arm free so that he could hold a pen and sign autographs, which led people to go up and have cake and cream dripped on them as he signed books and stuff, but it was a bloody good laugh. Meanwhile, we were looking for other members of the crew to see if we could get photos and autographs, but only Karl and John (the sound guy) were around.
It was around 6:30pm and we went to line up with the other people ready to go in and get seated, ready for the Most Haunted: Access All Areas program that goes out on LIVINGtv 2 at 8pm. This is where we got our first look at Julian Clegg and no, his ears really aren’t that big ¬_¬
The missus and our neighbour decided they needed the toilet just before the show was about to start, so they missed the first bit of when Yvette and Karl come down the steps and chat a bit at the start (although, they did get to literally stand right next to them behind the curtain). There’s a possibility I could have been caught on the camera as they come down the steps and you might of heard a whistle (if you were watching it live) as they’re about halfway down, that would’ve been me ;D
Throughout the whole night, it was brilliant. It really is LIVE and what you see on the TV is what you see in the audience. You might think certain parts are pre-recorded and added in, here’s a little secret (not much of one really), the only pre-recorded bits are when Paul Ross says, “Join us after the break as we delve deeper in to the mysteries….etc/whatever” and they’re done just before the show goes out live.
Everything else is done there and then, it’s done really well and goes so smoothly, the only thing that spoils it a bit is how some people decide to go off to the toilet or to have a ciggy and they don’t return for some time. Why do those people bother? Didn’t they read the info on the sheets and ignore what the Floor Manager said at the start?
You really only get a break as long as the ad breaks on TV, which is around 4 minutes, you have those 4 minutes to get up and have a stretch, go to the toilet, have a ciggy, etc, if you don’t return to your seat before those 4 mins are up, you can lose that seat.
The 4 of us that went were sitting near the end on the bottom row of the back section, at one point, we had to move up to nearer the middle aisle as they don’t like it when there are too many empty seats from people not returning from the break. If these people aren’t bothered about seeing all of the Live show, then they shouldn’t bother going, some would even go out on every break, what they did was anyones guess as the breaks were only every 10 minutes or so anyway.
The guest medium, Ian John Shillito took the audience member out to the location and did ‘their thing’, they returned to the ‘studio’ (Llanelli Leisure Centre) to have a little chat, then an hour later it all came to the end where Paul Ross was thanking everyone while we were clapping and cheering, but as we couldn’t hear what he was saying, we were a bit confused as when to cheer or not, but I think it turned out alright anyway.
It was a great experience, the crew are really friendly and down-to-earth people that you can easily approach, talk to and whatever. While we were watching the Access All Areas bit, Karl even popped his head out from behind a curtain on the side, I noticed him and nudged the missus (who fancies him a bit) to say ‘look who’s there’, then he came to sit next to us and gave us the score to their little football game (insider info, arf). We’re hoping to go to the next Live event if it’s not too far away and if our neighbour will take us again, I enjoyed it anyway!