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PlayStation Plus Games December 2016

PlayStation Plus games have been the topic of controversy for a while with gamers saying they’re not worth having a PS+ subscription for. The next offering of titles are no exception with the majority of them being Indies and that hasn’t gone down too well.

You could say it’s because some feel entitled to better and more well-known games, but when you think about it, you only have access to PS+ games while you have a subscription anyway. Then you could argue that why can’t better games be offered if you’re only renting them and in rebuttal I would answer with the fact you’re not owed anything.
Read the terms and you’ll find PlayStation could withdraw the offer of rented titles each month, so while December’s line-up is poor, be thankful you’re being offered anything at all.

You don’t have to add them to your Library or download them and yeah, to be honest it is a pretty poor line-up considering what you get on Xbox this month.