Stream Like a Pro

Stream like a pro with a new bundle which includes software and licenses starting from just a one month subscription to a year of premium content.

Now, this is entirely up to you, personally, I wouldn’t make use of this bundle since I use free services and no music in my streams.

Humble Streaming Software Bundle

Pay $1 for

  • Monstercat Gold (1 month, new users only)
  • Pretzel Rocks Premium (1 Month)
  • XSplit VCAM Lifetime License
  • Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy
  • Darwin Project: Hunter Pack

Pay $7.40 or more for

  • Restream (3 months, not sure if Standard or Pro)
  • Pretzel Rocks Premium (3 months)
  • Monstercat Gold (3 months)
  • XSplit Premium (3 months including VCAM)
  • Aaero
  • FaceRig

Pay $25 or more for

  • 1 year of the above subscriptions
  • Action! (Lifetime License)
  • FaceRig Pro

Now for the cynical part by me; the games are old and virtually nobody streams them now. Why would you want a Monstercat and Pretzel Rocks subscription and Restream is only useful if you’re not a Twitch Affiliate or Partner (unless you somehow have an agreement with Twitch to dual stream).

Action! would be useless for at least a year due to XSplit, you don’t/wouldn’t need both and there’s always Streamlabs OBS which is free and has a lot more going for it.

FaceRig is pretty much the only thing decent about the bundle in my opinion. Pretzel Rocks Premium I guess is worth it too as it includes the ability to not have it post in chat every time a new song plays, but while it may have a lot of value ($731), it might not be worth your time and money.

That said, if you would like to purchase the bundle (or any other bundles), then please click this link and help support me a little and especially the Special Effect charity!

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