Humble Choice February 2020

If you didn’t already know, Humble Bundle do a thing called Humble Choice, but what is it? Well, you subscribe monthly and Humble will pick out games for you to choose from and you get to keep up to nine of them based on your subscription.

Humble Choice used to be known as Humble Monthly, the main difference this time is you can see which games are available from the start.

No guessing which titles are included, you just have to choose which games you’d like and they’re yours to keep FOREVER!

Humble Choice Feb 2020

The following games are available for the February Humble Choice content:
Frostpunk + The Rifts DLC
Pathfinder: Kingmaker Explorer Edition
Book of Demons
Okami HD
Project Warlock
The Hex
Warstone TD
Night Call

All Humble Choice subscribers will also get a new Humble Original, Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1.

If you choose the Basic subscription at £11.99 per month, you can choose and keep three of those games. For just an extra £4 each month, you will get NINE games AND a 20% discount in the Humble Store off any other games you may want to buy.

Sound good? Sweet. If you click here to sell your soul.. I mean, go to the Humble Choice page and select which subscription fits you best, you’ll soon be the owner of some amazing games at a fantastic discounted price!