Wii Sniper Elite Dated

If you’ve been looking for another reason to get your Wii Zapper out to play with, Creative Distribution would like you to know that Sniper Elite is scheduled for release on December 10th.

Picture of a Wii Zapper with Wii RemoteCraig Lewis, Commercial Director of Creative Distribution says

“We are really excited with the opportunity to bring this game to the UK & Irish consumer, it really is a fantastic game and a proven seller. With a lot of in built realism & skill; factoring in gravity, wind speed, heart rate and breathing this truly is one of the years best shooter releases on Wii; a true Sniper Sim with one of the best background stories”.”The enhanced game play with the Wii Zapper plus the inclusion of a previously unreleased bonus level in the game makes this a must game for all sniping enthusiasts “

If you want to get in on this action by pre-ordering, you can do so at Amazon.